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Santa Maria Cemetery District

Rules & Regulations


  • All items need to be placed in vases that are in the cement poured by the Cemetery. Nothing over 24 inches high, and must not encroach on other’s grave or in the mow strips. No arches of any type.
  • No graveside markers or monuments be installed by the public. Markers/headstones must be granite, marble, or bronze. No man-made materials or temporary markers of any kind.
  • No person(s) shall remove or replace sod, place/pour any sand, gravel, rocks, woodchips, cement etc. on site or around headstone area. No fencing, boarders (trim the outline of burial location), stakes, barricades, signs, or other such installations may be placed at gravesite. No items placed in the ground.
  • No vases, jars, porcelain, or glass of any kind to be placed on the gravesite. Due to breakage, they become a safety concern for the public and employees.
  • No food or drinks to be left at gravesite. No tables, barbecues, chairs, and canopies on graves. No food preparation in the cemetery. No alcohol consumption or smoking on cemetery grounds.
  • No music unless approved by cemetery office staff and a music agreement signed.
  • Service animals only. Must be leashed.
  • Always supervise children. No running or jumping on graves or headstones.
  • Cemetery district personnel will remove all items placed on gravesites in violation of these rules and regulations regularly. These rules are for the safety of visitors and employees.



It is the goal of the Santa Maria Cemetery District to minimize any conflicts and disruptions by controlling the use of music if other services are scheduled at the same time, and limiting service time.


  1. The request of music requires prior approval by the District Office. The District office will not approve music until 48 hours before the service time due to possible scheduling conflicts.
  2. Music cannot be approved if there is another service scheduled at the same time.
  3. There is a required deposit of $300.00 (in the form of cash).
  4. Person(s) requesting the music must come to District Office for approval and pay the deposit and sign the necessary forms.
  5. The deposit will only be refunded if the music does not exceed 30 minutes.


  1. All services with or without music will have a limit of 1 hour.
  2. The time will begin once the casket has been placed on the vault.
  3. The District Office will be notified once the casket has been placed so the time can be documented.
  4. The District Office will be notified when the service and music has ended.


  1. Military Honors.
  2. Public Safety Employees

Please Note: The above listing is just a small portion of our Rules & Regulations.
A complete list of Rules & Regulations may be obtained from the District Office.

The Santa Maria Cemetery is NOT responsible for theft or vandalism of headstones, decorations,
or flowers of any kind.


Approved by the BOARD OF TRUSTEES
(Revised January 2024)

Santa Maria Cemetery District

Cemetery Hours:
Cemetery Gates Open Daily at Dawn
Close at Dusk

District Office Hours:
Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm
(Closed for lunch Noon - 1 :00 pm)

Phone (805) 925-4595

Click for Cemetery Map (pdf)

Santa Maria Cemetery District Claim Form (pdf)

Only a portion of the District Rules and Regulations are presented in this form in order that the users and visitors of the District facilities may have a readily available source of information. It is hoped that none will be deemed arbitrary nor oppressive as they embody not only the conclusions drawn from local experience, but methods accepted by Districts throughout California. NO CASH PLEASE.  

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